100 Years of ANZACs 1914-2014

Rag_rug_hooked_by_Judith_Brook_of_Aust_and_NZ_entered_in_Exhibition_commemorating_100_Years_of_ANZACsby Judith Brook of Australia & New Zealand

Editors note: Judith originally a New Zealander, lives in QLD, Australia, and recently exhibited a hooked rug creation in an exhibition in Kingaroy, QLD, commemorating

100 Years of ANZACs

The following photographs, with Judith’s comments, show the progress of her hooked creation.

Judith says:  I used a rag mat (recycled fabric) as the medium because it was a common thing at the time and I left it “imperfect” because nothing about wRag_rug_hooked_by_Judith_Brook_Aust_and_NewZealandar is perfect.

Here the wording is almost finished.    The stars represent the Australian Flag and the actual rug measures 58 x 85.5 cm.


This photo is to show you don’t need expensive equipment to make rugs


I found this British flag in the Op Shop and thought it a fitting backdrop as the young men shed their blood fighting for the British.

To make it more meaningful to the local residents, I copied the names from the Roll of Honour at the local war memorial of all the men from the area who died in the   1st World War and then wrote their names on the flag.

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