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Latest Review …………..  by  Miriam Miller

Printed by Nimbus Publishing Ltd ISBN 978-1-55109-846-3 Paperback ISBN 978-1-55109-829-6 Bound
Printed by Nimbus Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978-1-55109-846-3 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-55109-829-6 Bound

A Lifetime of RUG-HOOKING  by Doris Eaton I would recommend this book. Doris Eaton has been hooking rugs for nearly 50 years.         There are over 80 pictures of rugs in this book and Doris gives a story about each. Her rugs give inspiration in colour and design.                      It includes many useful hints and the’ Eaton edge’ which is a wonderful neat way to finish hooked rugs.  Give a treat to yourself, and spend one of those wet winter afternoons enjoying the ideas from this book      –   Review by Miriam Miller



Rag_Rug_Creation_book_reviewRAG RUG CREATION (An exploration of Colour and Surface) by Lynne Stein.  ISBN 9781408157565  Published by Bloomsbury Publishing, London 2014

This book is to stir people’s imagination. To use everything in your pieces, whether for wall hangings, a quirky teacosy, necklace, flowers, bags, cushions.   A fun book and very colourful.   I recommend it to make one think outside the square as they say.  Review by Miriam Miller.


Hooked_Rugs_by_Ann_Davies_and_Emma_TennantHOOKED RUGS   by Ann Davies & Emma Tennant  ISBN 0-8069-1338-X  Published by Sterling Publishing Co. New York.

I found this book on Maggie Whyte’s bookshelf, it may be out of print.  But one can always look for it at Book Fairs and Op shops.

This is a very good book for a beginner.   Giving lots of tips and instructions on hooked rug making.  Besides many simple patterns, with easy to use graphs.  It would make anyone eager to start another rug. Review by Miriam Miller


Proggy and Hooky RugsPROGGY AND HOOKY RUGS    by Miriam Miller   ISBN 9780646488721 Published 2008, revised 2013  Printed in Australia by CanPrint Communications, Canberra

Miriam began rug hooking in the 1970’s, she is also a knitter, spinner & weaver and has a knowledge of dyeing, so rughooking was a natural addition to her world of texture and colour. Miriam’s book, the only book on rughooking written and published in Australia, reflects her love of colour.

This is an excellent book for beginning rughookers, with clear instructions for both Hooky & Proggy (hooking & proddy), basics of design, tools and fabrics and finishing techniques, plus project ideas and free patterns.    This delightful book has images of Miriam’s colourful rugs, Rug Room and the scenery surrounding her home and studio – it’s easy to see what inspires her work. It will inspire you too.  For availability contact Miriam at or see more about her work on the Narrawilly Proggers website.  Review by Jo Franco

Design_Basics_for_Rug_Hookers_Susan_Feller_USADESIGN BASICS FOR RUG HOOKERS    Susan L. Feller

Susan Feller has written a brilliant book that serves the full spectrum of rug hookers; from the novice who wouldn’t dare hook a rug project of their own design, to the experienced hooker who may have designed fibre art projects for years.

This book offers the rug hooker/fibre artist a well-structured and easy to follow approach to learning the design process and serves to provide the reader with a solid foundation of design information and concepts (accompanied by colour photos) to gain the confidence to translate their original design ideas into dramatic and dynamic hooked rugs.

This is not your usual step-by-step, “how to hook” book by following a proscribed recipe, rather it is a mini design course compressed into 12 carefully structured chapters (which include definitions, examples, descriptions, illustrations – more than 80 rugs/diagrams, tips, exercise and review questions).

The reader is introduced to the 3 basic components of any hooked piece; hooking techniques, materials/fibres used and the design itself. To help the reader get a grip on design, it is looked at in terms of:

  • Elements (line, shape, form, space, values, texture and colour) and
  • Principles (pattern, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, movement, balance and unity)

For readers unfamiliar with these concepts (or who may simply want to remind themselves of their importance) the book offers hands-on exercises as opportunities to learn and apply the concepts using supplies such as pencils and pens, paper, the colour wheel, and a digital camera, or by designing and hooking small 5″ mats.

For those who like an “extra challenge” there is a little something “extra” in the way of advanced wool dyeing to explore value and intensity. Susan has also scattered throughout the book a range of tips, ideas and questions that will help to reinforce an extend your understanding of the concepts presented.

Every page is packed with a picture gallery of high quality, well-designed hooked rugs, and every photo offers a caption with details about the artist, materials and techniques used, and design elements and principles demonstrated. Even the glossary at the back of the book is packed with illustrations.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a short section on transferring your new design to your backing, and how you might finish and frame your finished piece.

If you want to learn about design and gain confidence in expressing you design ideas, this book should form part of your “core” reference library.

Susan L. Feller is internationally known as a fibre artist and teacher. She teaches at rug hooking workshops and schools around the country and in her home studio in Augusta, West Virginia. A frequent contributor to Rug Hooking Magazine, she is a member of The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers.       Review by Judi Tompkins

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