Elusive grey blankets

Looking for elusive grey army blankets
Looking for elusive grey army blankets

  Can you help?

Maxine, leader of the Bellingen Rugmakers group, says “this grey rug is being made by Ann, it’s about 12 x 8 feet and made with up-cycled grey woolen blankets. Ann has run out of a pale grey army type blanket with only about 5 circles to go, so we are all looking for that elusive grey blanket. The denim one beside it is made from jeans and woven.”

(If you can help in Ann’s quest to find one of these blankets, please contact rughookingaustralia@gmail.com)

Anne's_rug_almost_complete      “The grey unfinished rug and the grey one Ann is now working on are both 12 feet by 8 feet.

Ann designs her own rugs and uses a linen /cotton mix for her backing. She has sewn the pieces together with her first rug and with the second has used iron on fusible hemming on the cut sides, it sits much better and stays in place.”

From Ann – This photo shows how much is left to do.   Anne's_rug_detail

    The close-up photo shows a complete circle. The grey I need is the third colour of the petal shape and the double row within the diamond shape. It seems to be the lightest colour of the old service blankets.

But as you know any shade of grey is appreciated by me as other shades can be used for the rug I am working on now.

Here is more of what Maxine had to say …..

We have a very enthusiastic and lovely group who look forward to meeting the 1st Friday of each month.  

Maxine, Aishwarya, Lyndal, Phornthip, Ann, Anna_Bellingen_Rugmakers_NSW_Australia
Bellingen Rugmakers Group:  (Right to Left) Maxine, Aishwarya, Lyndal, Phornthip, Ann, Anna.

At the end of August last year the group went to Gleniffer about 20 miles from Bellingen to demonstrate rag rugging at the Gleniffer Quilt show.  Gleniffer was once all dairy farms and is such a pretty area, nestled at the bottom of the Dorrigo mountains there is a Church and a hall. The proceeds of the Quilt Show helps maintain the hall. There is a small river running beside the hall and Church and just a couple of hundred yards further on is the Promised Land it is really a lovely area.

From the Editor:    While Ann works in shades of grey, the other members of this group, all relatively new to rug hooking, are drawn to colour as you will see in images of their work below – undoubtedly inspired by the vibrant colours in the surrounding landscape.




Bellingen Rugmakers



Bellingen_Rugmakers_NSW_Australia - Phornthip
Bellingen_Rugmakers_NSW_Australia - Merle


Update:  Immediately this was posted word was received from QLD that a grey army blanket is available there and a couple of blankets were located in WA.  Also images just came in from Chris and Anne from VIC who have blankets available –

grey blanket (minus the pink tinge, its on the photo not the blanket) from Chris-VIC

Grey blankets from Ann-VIC
Grey blankets from Ann-VIC

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  1. WOW – instant responses! Kira in WA says “not so elusive” she has a couple, one with a few holes but otherwise good. Chris in VIC has a couple, she also uses them for rug hooking – these are fairly coarse, Chris wants to know if they are what Ann’s looking for? and Anne in VIC also has a couple she is not sure how to add images to this comment box? Neither do I so I will go back and add them to the blog. Jo Franco,(WA) Editor

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