Footprints in the sand at Christmas

ISSN 2007-001X 15th December, 2017

An Update on the Footprint Project

Enlargements [2m (6ft) long], of my footprints are being hooked using single-use plastic bags, by the Wanneroo Rugmakers group as part of a research project by Sue Girak, PhD, Visual Arts Specialist, City Beach PS, Perth, West Australia.


Judy cutting plastic bags into pieces to prod. Anna and Kath finishing off the proddy edge of the left footprint.
Definitely a “group” project – Anna, Kath and Judy working together from the back of the piece – while Rhonda knits and supervises.

The “right” footprint is complete and has found a temporary home (until Christmas) in the library in a marquee advertising  “Summer Wonderland” – workshops for children of all ages to learn how to make Christmas decorations.

Ours is a Summer Wonderland at Christmas – the only thing white is the sand!

The finished footprints will be delivered to Sue after the holidays when school starts again in February.

Textile artist and author Susan Feller (USA) included this Australian research project in a presentation she made on “Educating about Craft” at the 2017 Association of Traditional Hooking Artists Biennial Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Read more about the project in the report sent to Susan Feller by Sue Girak

Remember when one only spoke in a whisper in the library?   Well things have changed …. this library encourages and supports activities for many different age groups.  Fortunately the library space is laid out such that enthusiastic  members  of one group don’t interrupt others.

Much sharing of ideas, learning, conversation and laughter takes place in this space on a Saturday morning!  The group is open to all members of the community.

This is one project we were pleased to see come to an end! Working with the plastic bags was hard on the hands, and the work just didn’t feel good in the hand, nevermind it’s dubious artistic quality 🙂    However, it has provided an opportunity for discussion regarding “waste” and what we can all do on a personal level to try to help solve the problem.  Needless to say, the group is looking forward to their next project in the New Year.

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year from the Wanneroo Rugmakers Group  –   Jo Franco, Editor


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