Hanging odd shaped rugs?

Rose Gelato
Rose Gelato

       Kira’s “Quillie” (standing wool rug) 

     Rose Gelato

weighs approximately 3kgs the dimensions of the work are approximately 85cm x 77cm and it’s odd shaped

– so how does one hang such a creative piece – especially something that should be “standing”?

In a light-bulb moment Kira came up with an idea and raced off to that big green n red hardware warehouse and purchased some PVC garden trellis and a section of        “Clever Closet Hang Track” !

Here’s what Kira Mead from Western Australia says about creating and using her   hanging technique “Grid Back”

“What I liked about the Clever Closet Hang Track is you can use the holes for wire or art track hooks under the track.

I am planning on making the mesh a permanent fixture, but a quick unpick would make easy work to remove it all without damaging the rug. With the backing I can see it being used hung or as a floor rug.  I would put something non-slip underneath for use on a hard floor.

Rose_Gelato_Quillie_rug_by_Kira_Mead_Albany_West_Australia_Grid Back Framing

 Rose_Gelato_Quillie_rug_by_Kira_Mead_Albany_West_Australia_hung_with_Grid_Back_FramingPlease excuse the lighting and background on the hanging image – it was the only wall I trusted to take the weight.

The two other rugs I have made are for the floor and I used a fabric appropriate liquid nails to attach to vinyl.

The backing makes the whole work more stable, but this rug (Rose Gelato) was never made as a high traffic area rug.  My purpose was as an artistic object.   The original “Accidental Carpet” was made to decorate a very large concrete floored building for epileptic children to cheer up their surroundings.

The most comments I received from people on seeing my work was that they would like to see it on a wall, hence my exploration of different ways of hanging without compromising the work e.g. I didn’t want it falling apart because of the weight. I could see this being a problem if the work is stitched or glued.

I used blanket or button-hole stitch with doubled thread because I wanted it to be very secure and to cover the PVC trellis, also as it would look more attractive as a permanent fixture, not that it’s the side anyone will be viewing.

I didn’t go down the Velcro route as I was concerned it would not be strong enough to hold the work, but I could see that you could make a Velcro sheath that could slip over the Clever Closet Hang Track and it could easily thread through the back.  The Clever Closet Hang Track just weaves through the trellis, so easy removal, unless you have hung with wire. That would need to be removed first.

For a thinner and lighter rug, I could see that slip stitching would work and would stop rug curl down the bottom.  Possibly just slip stitching a strip of PVC trellis across the bottom would be enough.

One last handy dandy hint – Picture triangles can be screwed into the holes of the Clever Closet Hang Track”


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