Bomford, Tony (dec.)

RHM Tony Bomfords rugsTony Bomford’s rugs came to our attention in 2015 when an article written by Sue Lange (South Australia) about Tony Bomford’s Marvelous Mathmetical Rugs (latch-hooked) was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Rug Hooking Magazine (USA) along with images of some of his 18 exquisitely complex and beautiful hooked rugs.

You can read more about Tony and his rugs online on the following links :-


Tony Bomford’s Hyperbolic Hooked Rugs by Douglas Dunham Department of Computer Science University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN 55812-2496, USA –   Dedicated to the memory of Tony Bomford

[pdf]  A.G. Bomford, Tony Bomford’s Seventeen Hand-knotted Rugs, Tony Bomford’s “Rug Book”, Canberra Australia, 2003.