International Rughooking Day

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In Western Australia – the Making of Persephone:


Inspired by “An Invitation to a Reception & Rug Show to celebrate Sharon Townsend’s Birthday” Shown in Rug Hooking Magazine  Jun/Jul/Aug 2016 

The Wanneroo Rug Hooking Group was in need of a sign to direct members of the community to where the group meets in the Library & Cultural Centre. After seeing the advertisement for Sharon Townsend’s Birthday reception, they came up with an eye-catching idea, checked with the building administration and were given permission to display, providing it met all safety criteria.

The rughookers decided they’d like to make this a “group project”.  As their fearless leader, I was due to be away Jul/Aug/Sep, so told them to go for it and surprize me. Which they did! 

On my return, they had the figure drawn and dress hooked.   


I wondered at the strange shape of the figure, but now having seen their documented progress, kept under wraps while I was away, I understand why the lady has “short” legs.  Sooz who volunteered to be the model and in whose office the “lady” will stay during the week, was taller than the piece of backing at hand!   Something they forgot to tell me as I made some figure adjustments before the limbs were hooked. 


Trying to determine how to make this figure keep it’s flat shape and stand upright without any fear of it toppling over, was a challenge.  It will be on display in a public space and is bound to be touched by inquisitive “little hands” – we know this, as we often find pre-school kids sitting on and fingering our current “sign” a small colourful proggy rug.                   

The original plan was for the figure to be glued to plywood – however that would have made it quite heavy, so we decided to use Kira Mead’s “Grid-back” system, which worked to a point BUT in the end it was attached to a very thin plywood, then backed with a yummy Cherise-coloured  fabric – no plain neutral calico for this lady!


Finding a suitable stand with a heavy base to attach it to was the challenge. 

kira_work_standkiras_workstand_backSuggestions were made and Kira from Albany, who is so creative, came up with this, made from a recycled steam iron stand.  A good idea, however the base would have required some modification (cutting off the cord) and camouflage – more work than we had time for as the deadline of International Rughooking Day was fast approaching.

After my final hooking of the face  and hair, a product of my imagination, not modelled on any of our members, and attaching theready_to_unveil grid back  –  the project went off to Kath’s house and between Kath and husband Michael they created a sturdy stand which our “lady” who we’ve called Persephone (Daughter of Zeus, Greek Goddess of Springtime and Flowers) is attached to. After the backing went on the figure was screwed to a T-shape support, an upright center-back and a support across the shoulders. She was under wraps ready for her introduction to the Centre on International Rug Hooking Day.

 The big day arrived;  the group met in the Great Court of the Library and Cultural centre to demonstrate rughooking and to make proggy Christmas Trees from recycled fabrics.


wanneroo_rugmakers_margaret__rennettWanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts (left) was on hand to help Kath with the unveiling


Ta Dah! – there she is ….


and reunited with Sooz, who was shown earlier as the “template” for this design.


Then it was time for High Tea at Cafe Elixir across the Court – Barb’s idea for our end of year gathering and what a good one it was!


Dress up and hats were the order of the day –


Margaret didn’t have to be told twice to dress up, she thought this a great opportunity to wear her tiara. Individual teapots were also dressed up in attractive tea cosies, the tables decorated and set with pretty china and and the food dainty and delicious!


Happy Rug Hooking Day to all and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season 

 Jo Franco, Editor

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