Is Rug Hooking Magazine available in Australia?


This question is often asked.

It came up again at the recent Canberra, Rug Hooking Retreat. I have a subscription and receive the magazine by post, so agreed to look into “how to subscribe from Australia” .

Things have changed, it used to be that payment had to be sent in Canadian dollars, now you can sign up online and pay with a credit card.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because the current online subscription page does not provide a space for an Aussie post code. Best thing to do if you want to subscribe online is contact the subscription department by emailing the publishers (Ampry Publishing) Customer Service department at

Here’s the BEST news – Rug Beat is back and it’s FREE

When researching ‘subscriptions’ I found information (with active links) about Rug Beat, Rug Hooking Magazines online newsletter. The newsletter comes right to your inbox and is an excellent way to get a taste of what the magazine has to offer. If you want to comment on articles or add private notes you’ll need to sign up for a “User Account” – but sign up is not necessary if you just want to read the articles on offer.

This information was taken from the RHM Homepage:

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 Happy Hooking/and reading about hooking –  Jo Franco, Editor



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