Lead up to International Rug Hooking Day

In Western Australia ……..

Robin Inkpen demonstrated rug hooking last weekend at a “Pop Up Market” at the annual Gourmet Food & Wine Fest in Donnybrook, a town of orchards in Western Australia.  All who took part in this venture were artisans of the first order.   Many came from far and wide to this gala event.  Robin was not selling handmade rugs from recycled fabric and yarn, instead was promoting her workshops in rug hooking and locker hooking.


Robin said they had a great supporter in their local book shop, “Donnybooks”.  The owner welcomed them with open arms and let them have the Pop Up Market in the undercover area outside her shop, which is in an old fruit packing barn and nearby to the Food and Wine Fest.

pop upmarket  showing our banner

There was a constant queue of interested and curious people who were interested in both the technique of rug hooking which Robin was doing at the time and also keen to know that she was using recycled fabric and yarn.

Robin lasted about 5 hours before her voice gave out!  She said it was a great day and she collected a long list of email addresses of those wishing to come to a workshop and gave out masses of business cards to others who were interested and said they would email her.

It is just 3 weeks before Christmas and we are about to be plunged into the heat of summer, so her workshops won’t happen until March or April.

Anyone interested can contact Robin at robin.inkpen22@gmail.com or view her work on her website

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