More on BIG rugs

Have you ever thought about hooking  a BIG rug?

Miriam Miller, of Milton, NSW has, and shared with me images of her beginning project .   Here is what Miriam has to say……….

Miriam_Miller_new_rug_to_match_this_sofa“I’ve started a huge rug, 1m65cm by 2m65cm (105inches by 65inches) to go in front of my sofa. 

I will move the present rug which does not go with my Miriam_Millers_new_rug_to_ replace_this_oneslate blue sofa to under the dining room table.

As backing I am using primitive linen that I bought when in America. I bought three yards, and had to cut some off the length and sew on the side to make wider.

I overlapped the material about two inches and then machined down each edge.  It means I have to hook through a double piece, but it is not causing any problem.

 I am using recycled fabrics, T shirts, track suits, wool skirts, and dyed blankets and yarn, whatever I can find.

Dyes_used_by_Miriam_Miller_for_her_big_rugI’ve dyed  wool yardage and yarn using  “Landscape” dyes.


Here are some pictures of the design  – the whole rug showing the border started and a close up of the border and centre pattern.

Rug_design_by_Miriam_Miller_Border_started _1m65cm_x_ 2m65cm_or_105inches_x_ 65inc

Rug_design_by_Miriam_Miller_Border_patternRug_design_by_Miriam_Miller_Part_of_the_pattern_in centre_of_rug







Miriam has promised to keep me up-to-date with progress on her rug which I will post on this blog.  In the meantime you can leave a comment for Miriam below or contact her through her Narrawilly Proggers website.

It’s Winter in Australia – a good time to take on such a project.

Good on you Miriam!                                Jo Franco,  Editor




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