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Welcome_to_International_Rug-Hooking_Day_2015_Perth_West_Australia_Jo_FrancoWelcome …..

Jo and Judi setting up for a day of rug hooking demonstrations in Perth, Western Australia.



All set up and ready for visitors in the morning – just hoping the weather will be kind and we won’t need the ceiling fans  – it’s been the warmest spring (Sep-Nov) on record and the hall is not air-conditioned. It’s also been the driest Spring in 5 years.

International_Rug-Hooking_Day_2015_Perth_West_AustraliaAlexander Park Craft House – where WAFTA meets

What a difference a day makes ….

The next morning a storm blew in – wild enough to cause the City of Perth to cancel the Christmas Parade.   Wind and pouring rain kept people off the roads – except the intrepid Wanneroo Rugmakers who headed in to Alexander Park Craft House to demonstrate various rug hooking techniques.

Below Yvonne explains how she hooks without a frame.

International_Rug-Hooking_Day_2015_Perth_West_Australia_rughooking_without_a_framehere are some small examples of Yvonne’s work


and Kath’s latest proggy rug is the centre of attention here


while Jo discusses her Rittermere rug  hooked with wool yarn (carpet wool hand-dyed by Judith Stephens)

This rug pattern is a classic – the design is printed on hessian and it was imported from Canada about 40 years ago before there were any other names added to  the company then called only “Rittermere”.

International_Rughooking_Day_2015_Robin_ Inkpen_and_new_rughooker (3)Also in this picture is one of Robin Inkpen’s rugs which she hooked with recycled fabrics.

Jo had begun work on this rug when she received the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine featuring orientals in wide cut and bright colours. While tempted to switch to “brights“, Jo continued with the colours in keeping with a large rug already in her living room.

Jo's Rittermere oriental

Below Robin helps a beginner rug maker who was pleased she braved the wet roads to come and learn about this craft. Judi Tompkins had started her morning off with instruction in the basic rug hooking technique.

International_Rughooking_Day_2015_Robin_ Inkpen_and_new_rughooker (1)

Kath was also pleased to receive some artistic help from Robin to adjust the colour plan another classic Rittermere rug she is working on.


and …. yes, there was yet another Rittermere rug on show – the peacocks below.

The rug pattern may have been old but Anna decided to go her own way with her colour plan – no desire for “realism” here.


All these old Rittermere rugs were purchased last year at a weekend hooking retreat in South Australia, from a rug hooker who had given up hooking and was “downsizing” in preparation to move house.  She had taken lessons years ago from a teacher who had immigrated to South Australia from the UK via Canada in the late 50’s – and for over 30 years held a monthly meeting at her house for her students. During that time she imported all the patterns and tools for her students from Canada.

At previous rug hooking events in Perth we’ve had the pleasure of the company of Kira Mead from Albany – she always has something different and exciting to show – she couldn’t make the long drive this time – but sent an image of her latest creation.

3_D Quillie_designed_&_created_by_Kira_Mead_Albany_West_AustraliaWho’d have thought of 3-D  Quillies

What a fabulous and colourful way to “wind-up” the year.

In the New Year we will bring you more news from other groups around Australia, until then

Greetings and  Best Wishes for a healthy and safe New Year to all our members and their families.

Keep on Happily Hooking –  Jo


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