Mystery tool – no longer a mystery!


Chennille rug by Daisy Hardman unfinishedcreated with wool yarn and looking like “Chenille”

it was given to the Wanneroo Rugmakers Group

along with a rough sketch and description of the tool with which it was made.

Well, the tool’s no longer a mystery!

The Wanneroo Rugmakers group was given one of these tools by a visitor to the Museum who had seen rugs made by the Group on exhibition there earlier this year.

The tool, made by Singer Sewing Machine Company, is in excellent condition and in its original packaging, dated 1932, complete with instructions for use.

As you can see, the label on the box proclaims it as

“A New Simple and Practical Sewing Art”

Not only do the printed instructions detail its use, along with step by step images, they suggest what backing fabrics can be used and also what types of wool yarn – noting the tool could also be used with strips of cloth.

As a group, the Wanneroo Rugmakers have the beginnings of quite a collection of antique rugmaking tools.

I wonder how many other groups around the country also have unique rug making items which could be recorded on the Guild website?

If you do, and would like to share your treasures email Jo @

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