4 thoughts on “Perth Craft & Quilt Fair 2013”

  1. That’s quite a display you have there. You’ve all been working very hard it seems, so many rugs. Did you get many interested enquiries from it? Anne

  2. Congrats to the hardworking WA rugcrafters and hats off to the “set up crew” and demonstrators! It takes a huge amount of work to make these public events look good and ensure that the fibre and textile art is well-displayed! O’ it looks like it should be sooooo easy to make this all happen….and how hard is hooking anyway? Hah!
    Thanks again JO and Co. for making it happen again!

  3. The stand looks wonderful. Well done , Jo and your team. I know it has taken a lot of hard work. I hope you are having lots of interested visitors. Wish I was there.

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