Queensland – Shed Day

What does a shed have to do with rugmaking ?

judi_tompkins_qld_austrlaia_with-new_rughooker    On the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Judi Tompkins’ shed – is more than a shed – it’s a two-story building housing, garage, utility room, work room and upstairs accommodation turned stash storage and craft library, and on special days is open to rugmakers to gather and share their ideas on rug making.

They came from near and far to share and learn about rug making techniques and talk about their current projects.

Judith travelled 3 hrs to get there from Kingaroy, Sally drove up from Brisbane and brand new to rugmaking, Virginia, came from the Sunshine Coast.

Virginia said : “I really enjoyed myself on the day and picked up a few good tips. All the ladies were very friendly and offered some really good advice and shared with me where they buy their materials and who has the best prices. I was made to feel very welcome. We joked and laughed and I felt very much at home.”

Judith Brook shared information about two of her recently completed rugs


and with Bea, admired photos of rugs made by members of the Sunshine Coast Rugmakers Group.



Not wanting to miss this opportunity, to purchase some wool blankets, Sally, seen here studying a new rug pattern, drove up from Brisbane even though she had only returned from overseas the day before.

These gathering are a chance for members to discuss different rug hooking techniques  – Group Leader and hostess, Judi Tompkins said …

“Bea wanted to make a prodded rug for her bathroom but decided it was too much work to prod the wide pieces …we decided to have her use a number 8 cut strip (Townsend cutter) and hook the strips long using an 8mm bent hook to pull the wide strips up high … then clip the strips even on the top. Bea was going to clip the grey outline piece short but I suggested she would lose the definition if she did that because the coloured pieces would simply fold on top and she would lose the outlining (and indeed that was what happened).  So…..the piece will be hooked and “packed” like Woldoboro but using wide cut strips that are then cut to an even height, rather than being sculpted.  I see this as a variation on “Clippy” because it is using the idea of packing the fibres a bit.”







Stella showed her  commission piece that she was asked to do for her Vet’s 4-year-old daughter. Here’s an image of Fairies and Unicorns – what little girl wouldn’t love this piece.


The Sunshine Coast Rugmakers meet (at least until the end of the year…the days may change for next year) on 2nd Friday and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Beerwah library – new members are welcome.  These special Shed Days, held on the weekend, are a chance for rugmakers from other areas to join the group and share in the atmosphere of creativity.

Bitzer-hooked-by-Judith-Tompkins You can read more about Judi, her work and the group, on her website Rug Crafting Australia Contact Judi via that website, through this Guild website or email judi.tompkins@bigpond.com         

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