Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters – Queensland

Finally! After several attempts to break the “wool ceiling” my efforts to promote Australia’s “lost” traditional craft in Queensland finally generated enough community interest (30+ people) so I was finally able to present a demonstration/workshop through the Beerwah Library on the Sunshine Coast.  I rather foolishly assumed that – as is so often the case – only about half the number would actually attend on the day but 25 showed up!

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Since I’m an old hand at teaching groups, I tend to plan for “emergencies” so I optimistically pulled together enough materials, frames, tools, fabric and equipment for 25 people and set up the community room with 6 frames, chairs, and fabric/cutting table.

Work areas with frames
Work areas with frames

 Throughout the session I ran a slide show of some of my projects,and displayed sample materials and small projects.  To help people see this craft as affordable, I deliberately brought tools and equipment that ranged from “make it yourself” (dolly pegs, knitting needles, crochet hooks and embroidery hoops) to the more expensive stretcher and lap/floor frames, metal and timber turned hooks/prodders. Monday's Group- Introduction to Crafting

If the noise level of a group is any indicator of a good time, then this group had a great time!


Feedback to the library was so good that Queensland has its first community group – the “Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters” – who meet at the library two afternoons a month. The two January sessions involved 11 people (with 8 apologies) and over time I hope to have a “core” group of about 8-12 people for each group. (Blogger: Judi Tompkins)

Prodding Flowers
Prodding Flowers, an easy beginning project

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