Yarning Yarrabilba

ISSN 2007-001X 12th August, 2017

More news from Queensland …..

Bec Andersen, Textile Artist and Community Artist has completed yet another Community project involving children & rug hooking.

These three panels were created as part of a Community Art Project for the Yarrabilba Community Centre in 2017. The images of the panels were conceptualised by a group of children using stories of Yarrabilba past and present as inspiration.

Artist Bec Andersen and her collaborator, Margy Rose used these images to create the designs which were then produced with the help of members of the local community using the Punchneedle rug making technique.
The project was supported by the Logan Art Gallery, Logan Women’s Health Group and funded by Yarrabilba Community Enterprise foundation.  Photographer Sabine Bannard






Punch Needle Workers: Nathalie Gaveau, Rosina Friend, Clancey Covington, Kay Winnem, Ros Boardman, Debbie, Trish, Kathie, Donna Jones, Lesley Sawyer, Robin Taylor, Marg Newman, Karen Marshall, Jan Mihailou, Kim Holtz, Sandy Bailey, Maryanne, Dorothy Kirkwood, Brooke Warner, Sandy.







In her Artist Statement (shown below) Bec describes how stories of the river inspired the design for this hooked art work.

The Logan River has been a strong element in the past which has evoked over time. In this piece, it begins as “The River of Tears” symbolizing the felling of trees and disruption to the natural life of the Yugambeh people. In panel two it becomes a “Gushing river” with the movement of the red cedar logs as civilisation begins. In panel three we see the River becoming a blend of colours drawn from the earth where the Ancient ones remain, symbolising the connection between the new community and it’s past
The sky is also an element that travels across all three panels, beginning as “The Whirling Wind” it summons the past energies and blends them with the “Development of Past Knowledge and Understanding”.
Thus the river, the “Ancient Ones” and the sky are holding the energies of the past and bring them into the future with the historical knowledge and understanding that is needed.

Margy Rose facilitated the Image Making Workshop

Image Makers:

Margo Le Jeune: “The River of Tears”
Darcy Jackson: “Separation of Destinies”
Luca Weintreib: “How Do You Make a Beautiful Building”
Abbey Barnett: “Gushing Water”
Eve-Ruby Andersen: “Development of Past Knowledge and Understanding”
Grace Cameron: “The Purpose of Life”
Bec Andersen: “Sounds of Ancient Lands”
Margy Rose: “Can you Love Everybody”

Song of Yarrabilba also by Margy Rose, was inspired by the children’s response to Yarrabilba history.                                                              

Oh where are the ancient ones?
Still spinning in the whirling wind?
The children dance with your shadows.
Oh where are the ancient ones?
Still singing in the flowing river?
The children sing your tears and laughter

Here are the women
Twirling and twining the wool
Laughing, talking and stitching
The songs and dances
Into vast coloured dreams-
Full of beauty and togetherness.


“Tillie” watching all the activity

Editors Note:  Before leaving Queensland I look forward to making a trip up Mt. Tamborine to visit Bec in her Studio and bring you more news of her rug hooking activities.  I hope this project inspires other rug hooking groups to take on Community projects. Happy Hooking     Jo Franco