Visiting South Australia

ISSN 2007-1X   17th September, 2017

StrathMatters, Strathalbyn, South Australia

On my way home from Queensland, driving across the country to Western Australia, I stopped in at Strathalbyn, South Australia to visit with the StrathMatters rug hooking group, who meet in the supper room of the Town Hall on High Street. Members of TIGHR will remember this was the location where we held workshops after the TIGHR Triennial Conference in 2012.

What a hive of activity there was last Friday morning. Even with several members away on holidays and one in hospital, there was a large group around the table, all busy on a variety of projects.  Chris seated at the end of this table is making a proggy rug using recycled jeans.

Here are some of their projects……

Noreen’s colourful hooked piece will become a tote bag.  Irene is working on a rug design outlined in black to represent a stained glass window and Annette was busily making a toothbrush rug.

Heather, who is also a spinner, is using a mixture of wools for this hooked piece she designed, including some yarn she had spun herself.

While busy hooking Maggie and Marlene were in conversation across the table with Annie who was also creating a toothbrush rug.

The hooked fish is by Jenny L one of the 3 Jenny’s in the group.

Jenny B has designed something small and simple for her first hooked piece.

Trish has already finished a Christmas project, a proggy wreath to which she’s added a string of battery operated lights. She tells me her next wreath will be made entirely of the red Christmas ribbon and it will also have the little lights.

In the foreground is Judith’s latest proggy rug in progress. Trish is explaining to Cheryl how to create a bowl by crocheting over rope and below you can see Cheryl seems to have mastered the process.

The groups upcoming rug retreat at Robe on the coast of South Australia was a topic of discussion. Group members and their spouses will stay in caravans and cabins in a caravan park by the beach and the rugmakers will work on a “secret” rug hooking project planned for them by their leader, Judith Stephens, the Guild’s President.

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to talk about Re-imagined” a Challenge with a Difference”  that Judi Tompkins(Qld) and I have launched.

Re-imagined offers fibre and textile artists an opportunity to participate (for no charge!) in a new kind of fibre art challenge open to all rugmakers and textile artists who live in the Southern Hemisphere!

We encourage all members of the Australian Rugmakers Guild to enter as individuals or in collaboration with others in their groups to show the creative and innovative work they are producing.

 TIMELINE for “Re-imagined“; between now and the end of 2017 submit an entry form containing your name, email contact and a brief bio of your textile pursuits (up to 150 words)  i.e what textile techniques you use; your general interest in textiles; if you are a rug maker how you came to rugmaking  ……. and of course what part of the country you live in.
THAT’S IT – no need to include anything about your creation on the entry form …… in fact you may not have thought about what you are going to submit.

A digital image of finished work must be submitted by end of April 2018. There will be much more to come on the Re-imagined” website’s – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page including information about photographing your  work and what type of images to send.

Re-imagined” will debut August 2018 at a premier rug hooking event in the USA. The virtual Exhibition will be hosted by online media in Australia.

We enjoyed our stay with Judith in her new house full of rugs; on the walls, on the floor and on the furniture  

Happy & Creative rug hooking

Jo Franco,  Editor


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