A Final Report on Strathnairn Rughooking Exhibition

ISSN 2207- 001X

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end ……..

Below are members of the Canberra Rugmaking Group who  monitored the Australian Rugmakers, Exhibition during September 2016, at the Woolshed Gallery, Strathnairn Arts Assn. Canberra.

They gathered at the Woolshed on Sunday 25th, on what would have been their regular rug hooking day, to meet over lunch and celebrate a job well done .  


As it was the Exhibition’s last day, members of the public were still viewing the Exhibits and they were also treated to rug hooking demonstrations and a group of women enjoying rug hooking, the fellowship of their group and their lunch.

If you weren’t able to make it to Canberra to visit the Exhibition,  the video below  will show some of the works on exhibit and the activities leading up to the Opening.

Above:   Christine White & Bonnie Begg’s WearableArt entry   “Purnalulu Dreaming”    2014  Art on Legs, Tasmania.

Also presented at Strathnairn, was   “The Cash Cow”  their 2011 WOW entry, which spent two years in the WOW museum.

According to Christine,      “WearableArt is the breaking of all rules of textile to rebirth them in new ways.”

    Additional images of their work shown in this video are “Ecdysis” their first WearableArt entry, a winner at the 2010  World Of WearableArt in New Zealand, created from mainly knit fabric overprinted, foiled for light reflection and wired with irrigation tubing,    and     “Construction Chaos”   –   a supreme prize winner at 2015 Art on Legs, Tasmania.

From the Editor, Jo Franco:     Artists & photographer’s permission was given for all images shown in the video.


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