A Studio Visit – second time around

Apologies;  there was a problem with the earlier post from Judi Tompkins in Queensland – here it is again.

Members of the Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters visited Renate Kirkpatrick (http://rensfibreart.wordpress.com/) who recently relocated her studio to Landsborough.

Pat Reid, Margaret Wallace and Joy SmithRenate started making Rag Rugs in the 80s using a hooked and shirred method (I have been referring to them as “clippy” but I might be wrong). She only worked with rag rugs for a short time but still has a number of the rugs on display in her home and studio.

Renate (l) Pat Reid (R) with one of Renate's "clippy" rugsUpon close examination it is clear that they were made with “rags” (lightweight cottons or other fabrics) but not wool. The surface of the rugs is dead level and it is only when you part the “nap” can you see how much the fabrics have faded over time (they were vivid colours when first hooked). Renate hooked these rugs on hessian, and then stitched a second layer of hessian on the back to protect the fibres.

Front of clippy rug


After 20+ years the rugs are extremely stiff and brittle and would need to be carefully handled.

 Back of clippy rug

Renate moved on with her fibre art; taught herself how to crochet and now focuses on free-form crochet (and has written several books on the topic).

Members of the SCRC wanted to welcome another fibre artist to this area and quite enjoyed the time they had touring Renate’s studio and examining the range of fibre art on display.

Photos of her Rag Rugs as well as her current free-form work can be seen on her blog.

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