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Celebrations 26 has been published and Rug Hooking Magazine has now put out a call for entries to Celebrations 27 –  wouldn’t it be great to have a rug or two go in from Oz this year.

With the Australian Rugmakers Guild having just finished the month-long Exhibition in Canberra we all know how difficult and costly it is to ship rugs and large wall hangings across the country, let alone overseas!   

So, this is a chance for you to submit your work (completed in 2015 or 2016) without having to pack and pay to physically ship – it’s a matter of following the photographic requirements and submitting digitally, or by post, along with the entry form and entrance fee of US$35.

 Here are some pertinent points taken from the Rug Hooking Magazine website

To enter this competition and pay online

You must first create an online account with RHM – this is simple and easy to do.  Creating the online account with RHM does not mean that you have subscribed to the magazine, although having created an account, you will receive RHM’s weekly newsletter called Rug Beat

Alternatively, to enter by post   complete the entry form in the September/October 2016 or November/December 2016 issue. Entries must be postmarked by November 30, 2016 and sent with images on a CD/DVD and cheque or money order of US$35.  

There is a limit of one (1) entry per person, and the work must have been completed in 2015 or 2016, regardless of when you started it. You may enter a rug that has been entered in other competitions, and group entries are not permissible.

NOW YOU’RE PROBABLY GOING TO SAY …..   your work is not in the class of the traditional artistic/painterly pieces you see in Rug Hooking Magazine.  However, if you look at the category definitions below (also taken from their website) I’m sure you’d find one in which your work could be entered.

The criteria for judging: Rugs are judged on technique, color plan, and interpretation of design. Each rug is judged on a numerical scale on its own merit, independent of all other entries.

Note: Some rugs may not fall neatly into one category. Use your judgement to select the category that best represents your rug

Primitive: If your rug is a primitive rug, you may enter it in this category INSTEAD of one of the other three categories. Primitive suggests simplicity in all areas: design, materials, and technique. It usually means wider cut, naïve or simple design with little or no shading, exaggerated scale or unrealistic proportion. Think folk art. In a pictorial rug, think Grandma Moses.

Commercial: If you purchased the pattern, enter the rug in the commercial category. Even if you adapted the pattern, if the rug is substantially based on a commercial pattern and design, it is a commercial rug.

Adaptation: If your rug is inspired by someone else’s design in a different medium (for example, a painting, a postcard, a photograph, etc.) it is an adaptation. Be sure to credit the original inspiration and provide written documentation that you have permission to adapt someone else’s work in this way. 

Original: If your rug is based on your original content and design idea, it is an original design. Carefully consider who owns the copyright; if you hook a design based on a photograph that YOU took, the rug is your original design. If you hook a rug based on a photo that someone else took, that other person owns the copyright, and you should classify your rug as an adaptation.

What are you waiting for –  HAVE-A-GO   –  just remember, only so many pieces can be chosen so don’t let a rejection letter/email get you down. 

If you should be selected please note – Submission of an entry serves as a release that Rug Hooking and its publisher may publish photographs of the rug in the future, with proper credit given to the artist. This may include promotional materials, online or in print, including the Celebration book, in RHM, on RHM products and RHM social media and eNewsletters.

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