Canberra – Canadian – Connection

The previous post showed images from the Canberra Quilt & Craft Fair.

Displayed at the Australian Rugmakers Guild stand was a brilliantly coloured rug featuring Canadian Maple leaves.


Hooked_by_Karen_Kaiser_CanadaThis rug was hooked by Karen Kaiser from Canada who recently visited Milton, NSW and gave two workshops at Miriam Miller’s Rug Room at Narrawilly.  As she was leaving, in appreciation for their wonderful hospitality, Karen gave Miriam and Jacqui two of her rugs.

Miriam and Jacqui travelled to Canberra to help Maggie Whyte on the first day of the Fair and they took the Maple Leaf rug to display.  Maggie was thrilled as she is also a member of the Narrawilly Proggers and had attended Karen’s workshops.

So even though Karen didn’t make it to Canberra on her Australian visit  – her rug did.

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