Community Art Installation

“Piece by Piece for Peace” 

(Designed & created by Bec Andersen)

Report by Jo Franco  – still in Queensland;

I had a free afternoon last Friday 7th August and Bec Andersen had an open spot on her Calendar so I drove alone, up Mt. Tamborine to Bec’s studio/workshop. I hadn’t been there before; knew it would be in the hills, but didn’t realize I was going to be traveling up 22ks of winding road with hairpin bends and 12% grade – and me afraid of high places!  My eyes were glued to the road ahead but occasionally I’d glimpse amazing vistas through the trees.

It was  worth the trip and I’d really like to go back another time with someone else at the wheel so I could take in the views.

I didn’t have any trouble finding the address and when I looked down the drive and saw the open veranda door to her studio I recognized it immediately from images in her newsletters.

2 Bec Andersens Studio-Workshop North Mt. Tamborine QLD Australia

Bec is putting the finishing touches to a community art project. She says it’s easy, fun and joyous – I was wishing we weren’t leaving on the 13th – as  it sounded very interesting and I would have liked to have taken part.

Below, I’ve added my comments to information and images taken from Bec’s newsletter:

If there’s anyone in the area who’d like to be in the fun and help, this is the last week to join in – she needs; knotters, sewers, bead makers, threaders and tea pourers.

3 knotted rag rug making

The knotted rug looks very much like proggy (proddy).

3a knotted rug

 Actually, the long ‘paper bead’ making is done! When I arrived at her Studio on Friday afternoon I found Bec up a ladder attaching long lengths of fishing line threaded with beads to a frame.

4 Paper beads

In all 11,000 papers beads have been made to create a circular curtain which will hang above a 3m diameter shag pile rug, estimated to take 24,000 knots and a whole lot of sewing.

5 Installation diagram

 Bec is planning to restore and reupholster (with upcycled denim jeans or skirts) this ‘found’ rocking chair – if you have any jeans to donate please take them along. 6 Found rocking chair to be reupholstered

 Helping her to work on this project is a really good excuse to get together, drink tea and make things, and share Make do and Mend stories – which she is collecting for the installation.

1 Make Do Sew and Save

Do you have any stories? What did your mum or granny used to do to save pennies? Bec’s nana used to save up all the old bits of soap and melt them down to make larger cakes when the jar was full.

7 tea drinking and rug makingThere will be two more of these fun filled get-togethers to help make, and to drink tea;

Thursday Aug 13 and Saturday Aug 15

from 9:30-12:30

at 8 Griffith St, North Tamborine

These morning teas will be followed by an installation at The Centre in Beaudesert on

September 19, coupled with an even bigger morning tea!

Even if you can’t make a working sessions, mark your calendars for

the Opening and The Long Morning Tea

Click here for Bookings and more information for the September event.

What a fantastic afternoon I spent with Bec – sharing our rughooking experiences, visions for the future of rughooking in Australia, and learning about her past projects and 100% wool yarn dyed using natural dyes sourced from around the world.

8 Bec Andersen

Bec teaches punch-needle rug hooking using the Amy Oxford punch-needle hooks. She also encourages her students to create their own designs and helps them with design concepts.

To turn her own designs into commissioned rugs, Bec uses an electric tufting gun – see some of her creations on her website

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