Guild Newsletter & Benefits of Membership

The question often asked  – “What are the benefits of Guild membership?”  

From the Editor:

The first issue for 2016 of the Guild’s newsletter “In the Loop”   is almost ready to be sent out to Members. As I look at the articles included, one of the main benefits of membership is obvious, that is, members can advertise (free of charge) on this website their events, projects and any rug hooking items they may want to sell.

For example a Guild Member from Victoria (Aust) has found a very creative way, using the  online  website,  to publicise the Chris_Noorbergenhooking_rug_Design_by_Rittemerework she does to raise funds for  a charitable organization and to sell the tools needed for the project.

Chris has combined her love of rug hooking with a fund raising opportunity and as a member of the Guild, Chris also has coverage of her project and sales on this website.




Here in Chris’s own words , as posted on her site,  is how her project came about :

From Rugs to Rug Tools

I became a ‘Rug Maker’ about five years ago. I fell in love with wool, but being an Australian resident, there were no workshops in the whole of Victoria. So online I went and what a treasure trove of websites, YouTube videos, online classrooms and blogs I found.

I soon learned how to hook rugs, dye my own wool and make some of our much needed tools, for example I needed a table frame for my current project – an oriental rug and an ambitious project to say the least and since the postage from the US was far too expensive I had to make my own, with the help of hubby off course.


In 2012  I attended a Rug Making Expo in Sth Australia and met some like minded women and before you know it we started a group, now known as the Yarra Valley Rugmakers, member of the Victorian Rug makers and the Australian Rug Makers Guild.

Tools are not too easy to find in Australia and us Victorian ladies had to send for them either from interstate or overseas.

This year I have started giving Rug Making workshops from which all the fees will go to overseas missions, namely Uganda and India. I therefore needed hooks, so this lead me to look into importing hooks from overseas and I now sell beautiful handcrafted hooks, made in Ireland but sold from Australia, thus “Rughooks for missions”


With our Australian currency being low, it is very viable for rug hookers from overseas to buy my hooks. I hope you will support me and leave favourable reviews and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Comments or questions for Chris can be added below, or if you’d like to send her a personal message you can contact her through this website –

email:         and your message will be forwarded.

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