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Just a reminder to all Guild members to forward images of their current projects and a short description of the work to be included in the Gallery.  Please send attached .jpeg images (large or medium web size)  to

Below is a rug  created by Trish Schulz from WA  “Funky Leaves and Flowers”  hooked with hard-wearing 12ply rug wool.

Funky   Autum Leaves  with rug wool  very heavy

4 thoughts on “Members – Gallery Images”

  1. Hi Mirium
    i only have used this great wool since i purchased from Trish Sweeney another member she still have plenty if anyone is interested her info is on the members list
    i love working with it didnt need to dye any the colours suited my design
    Luv trish

  2. Hello Trish my first visit to the newsletter as a new member
    Colours and design are really lovely
    Placement of items make for an interesting work of art
    Thank you for sharing

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