Miriam’s Big Rug

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designed__hooked_by_miriam_miller_nsw_australia-_2016-11-04It’s hard to believe!

Miriam Miller started this BIG rug at the end of June 2016 and here it is November – yes the same year, and she is almost finished it!

A recent email, shown below, was received from Miriam about the making of her BIG rug, along with photos taken at the November 4th meeting of the Narrawilly Proggers in her Rug Room at Narrawilly, Milton in New South Wales, Australia.


Miriam said:

“When I first thought to make a large blue rug for my living room I had a wide stretcher frame made for the rug, as my usual one was not wide enough.

I started off using a ‘Snapdragon’ lap frame, as I was uncertain of my design and colours. I worked the border first, and then thought as the rug got heavier or more cumbersome I would transfer to the stretcher frame, using towels as I wound it on to even up the rug, so I could stretch it tight.

However here I am nearly finished and the wide stretcher frame is still standing in the corner.  It would not be possible except for the Snapdragon lap frame I am using.  It holds the backing drum tight and does not move.  I intend trying to crochet a finish to the edge, as suggested by Heather Ritchie.  Also, I am going to try a fringe on the ends. Not sure if I will like it, but will try and see.  We were given a large spool of multi strand fibre.

I also intend to glue the hessian tape binding around the edges on the back of the rug.  Not sure if this will be successful, but will try and if it is not any good, I can always sew it on afterwards.

People have asked how I come up with enough fabric.  I have a few blankets and dyeing them several shades with the same dyes, and then use it in a jumbled way, so I can go on forever like that.  Just keep dyeing similar and mixing it in. I had a huge skein of wool yarn, so was able to dye that all nearly the same shade.”


Elaine, a member of the Narrawilly Proggers, is shown here working on a stretcher frame similar to the large frame Miriam mentioned having had made.

Jacqui shows off the Christmas wreath she completed on the day. There’s more news about their rug day and from rug hooking friends around the world, which you can read in the newsletter “Connecting Us”  that Miriam emails to Guild members.



The colour blue features predominantly in Miriam’s house as you can see from the table setting as Narrawilly Proggy members, Bev and Janet, help themselves to lunch – and the furnishings through the open door.

Lunch this day was eaten on the side veranda and here are the group taking a break – sitting back and admiring the view and what a view it is.









Jo Franco,  Editor

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