Rughooking Demonstrations in Queensland

First Annual Kingaroy Winter Craft Festival at the Kingaroy Art Gallery   Opening night 7th June, 2016

Judy Brook will demonstrate rug hooking for a week in Gallery 3 at the Kingaroy Art gallery during the WINTER CRAFT FEST.    Visit her rug room set up as RUG MAKING PARAPHENALIA AND OTHER VINTAGE EPHMERA showcasing various types of rug making, collections of books and tools and rugs and other vintage craft.

When asked about this rug –  Judy said…

I made it for my first grandchild after he was born, and being a boy I put all the roads around it and, car parts, heli-pads etc and yes the New Zealand fern, as I was living in Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand when I made it.

I had so many colours going into it that I put them in piles around the lounge room behind the couch so I could have easy access.  I have it in his room in my house and he plays on it every time he comes to visit. 

The Red Earth Ruggers will meet at Judy’s home for their next Rug Day on Monday 13th of June – for details [read more] under QLD on the Rug Groups page.

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